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Wraith is one of the members of the wolf pack and is one of the characters in "Abandoned" and "Zero Regrets.

Personality Edit

Wraith is somewhat kind and is very intelligent,he likes to help his friends and people he cares about.In the other side he can be very chaotic and go berserk when he's at his anger's limit,he can also be secretive and obsessive at times but his main attitude is being kind and intelligent most of the time.

Skills Edit

High Intellect-Wraith's high intellect allows him to solve most problems and calculate his surroundings by a simple glimpse.

Acrobatic Movement-Wraith's acrobatic movement allows him to scale through obstacles and tricky sourroundings as well as navigate through ceilings,walls and trees.

Exorcism(formerly)-this allows him to fight spirits and do spiritual feats.

Negation-this allows him to negate or dispel anything supernatural with the contact of his right hand although the weaknesses of this ability are physical attacks or physical outcomes of physical attacks and that the bigger the supernatural entity is the longer it takes to negate and while he is negating a big entity he might be vunerable.

Analytical Skills-by a single glimpse Wraith can analyse almost anything and gather half of the entity's information or half of good information,combined with his high intellect he can predict the outcome of of an attack or event.

Hand to Hand Combat-Wraith's hand to hand combat skills are good in battle, depending on the size of the enemy, which makes for easier offense.

Fast Speed-Wraith can go as fast as the fastest running speed of a human.

Appearance Edit

Wraith has a black vest with a red shirt and a black bow tie,he has white fur and spiky hair.when he goes chaotic his hair covers his eyes and when he goes to parties he wears a jacket with an orange shirt and black pants.When he's obsessed he starts getting shades of black under his eyes.