The final battle for Abandoned in the form of a blog :)

Freddy: So how about we settle this nice and firmly?

Zero: That would be excellent with your blood for a throne!

Freddy: I don't think so!

  • Freddy begins to charge at Zero and fights him

Freddy: So tough Eh? Take this then!

  • Freddy hits Zero and pulls out a sword and slashes him

Zero: Gr... Not gonna be enough!!!

  • Zero roared and grabbed Freddy

Freddy: AGH! GUGH! Let GO!

Zero: I won't! Now let's finish you!

Freddy: Not gonna- AGH -ha -happen!

Zero: What?

  • Freddy gets out of Zero's grip landing on the floor

Freddy: How about that Zero?

Zero: Grrrrr...

Freddy: Now then!

  • Freddy and Zero begin to fight attacking each other many ties over and over for about 2 minutes
  • Meanwhile the others are fighting through

Nexus: This is gonna take a while!

Manged: You think?! How's freddy even gonna defeat Zero?

Nexus: How?

  • Nexus was shooting Shadow Demons

Nexus: I'll tell you HOW!

  • Nexus began running through the Shadow Demons
  • Meanwhile with Freddy and Zero

Freddy: Nice try, ass!

Zero: You're gonna pay for that!

  • Zero charged at Freddy landing on him hard


Zero: Yes... The sound of pain is music to my ears!

Freddy: I'm gonna... End you Zero!

Zero: I doubt that!

  • Nexus came running towards them

Nexus: Freddy catch!!!

Freddy: Huh?

  • Nexus tossed something and Freddy grabbed it

Nexus: USE IT NOW!

Freddy: Ok then!

  • Freddy kicked Zero off him

Zero: Hrgh... What?!

Freddy: Hue hue!

Zero: Who do you think you are?!

Freddy: Freddy FAZBEAR, bitch!

  • Freddy made the ball turn into the Eclipse Cannon


Freddy: Say goodnight!

  • Freddy shot the Eclipse Cannon's beam making Zero discinegrate


  • Zero was gone and Freddy and won