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    The final battle for Abandoned in the form of a blog :)

    Freddy: So how about we settle this nice and firmly?

    Zero: That would be excellent with your blood for a throne!

    Freddy: I don't think so!

    • Freddy begins to charge at Zero and fights him

    Freddy: So tough Eh? Take this then!

    • Freddy hits Zero and pulls out a sword and slashes him

    Zero: Gr... Not gonna be enough!!!

    • Zero roared and grabbed Freddy

    Freddy: AGH! GUGH! Let GO!

    Zero: I won't! Now let's finish you!

    Freddy: Not gonna- AGH -ha -happen!

    Zero: What?

    • Freddy gets out of Zero's grip landing on the floor

    Freddy: How about that Zero?

    Zero: Grrrrr...

    Freddy: Now then!

    • Freddy and Zero begin to fight attacking each other many ties over and over for about 2 minutes
    • Meanwhile the others are fighting through


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  • UltimateSonicGame123

    (Part 3 of the Abandoned 2 Prolouge... This is the last part)

    It was dark at the mall in Franklin Mills. Only few things where still out and the Freddy Fazbears Pizza is closed for the night. Then something awakes for a midnight stroll...

    "Hm... Ugh.... What to do..." Sighed Silver Freddy. He was trying to figure out what to do for tonight. He walked to the main stage and saw Toy Bonnie was chatting with Toy Freddy. Toy Chica was playing one of the Arcade games with Toy Foxy. Silver walked up to Toy Bonnie and Toy Freddy.

    "Hey! So.... What should we do tonight?" Asked silver freddy. Toy Bonnie looked at T. freddy then back at Silver. "I think I know! We can sneak out to that factory over near the ocean!" Answered Toy Bonnie. "It'll be easy wi…

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    (Part 2 of the Abandoned 2 prologue! NOW WITH PICTURES!)

    It was out in the east. A strange factory was gearing in the darkness of the night time... Gears spinning and the clock's ticking constantly. No one at the factory just made things better for our hero.... a long lost one of the group.

    Freddy got up lifting up his shoulders to keep his arms from locking in place. He stood and looked around curiously wondering what lies for him tonight. Usally its nothing and he just messes with the Night Guard at the factory. Freddy wandered around the old factory looking in every place he could when at the corner of his eye he saw something. He hid behind a wall and looked down the corner area. What he saw was very unbelievable as it was a box full of …

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