Abandoned are rp were we playing as animatronics and some ideas or items sometimes lost powers and I add them here. In here you'll find reasonswhy they been removed and unused!

1. Zeroist Demon form

Bio: Zeroist are copies of Zero (also GF's too as part of Eclipse Hnad power was his) they are main at command and they are really fast and unstopable! But posibble to kill them only if you use grenedes! Also if Zeroist kills human then can infect him and he can become Shadow Demon!

Info: This contest been unused becouse

1.) Too op,

2.) Very impossible,

3.) Why Zero supost to have copies!

2.) Toy Chica page

2. Toy Chica was Diamntled Foxy's previous role and he asked Ultimate to add this page but Ultimate declines ideas for good/unknown reasons!

3. Golden Crystal

In Abandoned 19 or 18 Golden Freddy found golden crystal with Sean, for unknown reasons GF had very rare chances to use it but later Actor decides to delete golden crystal for 2 reasons...

1.) little op,

2.) don't know why golden crystal so useful

4. GF continues serve Zero cutsence

Main actor decided remove this sence becouse he edited and decided back to heroes role! (Reasons becouse don't liked Zero in cutsence and uselessy)