Dismantled Foxy The Pirate

aka The Other Machine/Shadow Freddy

  • I live in Fredbear's Family Diner
  • My occupation is Endo, funny songs, friendship with friend: Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, Golden Freddy, , Nightmare Animaltronics, ESpringTrap and Toy animaltronoics, Endoskeletons
  • Dismantled Foxy The Pirate

    Hello all, I know that I screwed all long and even when I first joined but... I'd like to say sorry to everyone for: Abused you, talked about useless stuff, controlled you sometimes, edited your stories...

    I did many mistakes and I know what you think but I just saying sorry becouse I don't even worth "Former roleplayer" icon...

    the end

    sorry everyone


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  • Dismantled Foxy The Pirate

    I just seen that no one making any blogs, maybe recent blog posts became a rumor?


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  • Dismantled Foxy The Pirate

    I found that amazing joke! So, I posted it here, enjoy! -Fox(y)

    Sad news btw I have sad day today at school, I had 3 exams today! And one of them I failed, thank goodness not on 2! I did on 4

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  • Dismantled Foxy The Pirate

    Abandoned are rp were we playing as animatronics and some ideas or items sometimes lost powers and I add them here. In here you'll find reasonswhy they been removed and unused!

    1. Zeroist Demon form

    Bio: Zeroist are copies of Zero (also GF's too as part of Eclipse Hnad power was his) they are main at command and they are really fast and unstopable! But posibble to kill them only if you use grenedes! Also if Zeroist kills human then can infect him and he can become Shadow Demon!

    Info: This contest been unused becouse

    1.) Too op,

    2.) Very impossible,

    3.) Why Zero supost to have copies!

    2.) Toy Chica page

    2. Toy Chica was Diamntled Foxy's previous role and he asked Ultimate to add this page but Ultimate declines ideas for good/unknown reasons!

    3. Gold…

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  • Dismantled Foxy The Pirate

    Hey there friends, I'm planned give you example how to be op so you will follow this blog and try to not be op and better understand what this blog mean.


    Zero: Prepare to die, Mangled!

    Mangled: SHUT UPO, YOU UGLY METAL *Using dark magic and grabbes Zero*

    Zero: what the? *hears something flies on him?"

    Mangled: bye, bye!

    Zero: THAT'S OPPPP.... *bomb blows up him* aaarhgss... *dies*

    Dismantled Foxy: Thanks for reading this, kids and remember DO NOT be op!

    So this is example how it's to be op, so remember to not use super-powers. I hope you'll like it!

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