Current Casting Edit

Alpha Male: Charlie ( Bluesarethebest )

  • Appearance: A black and gray wolf with a blue bow tie. He also is a little tattered.
  • Personality: Nice, sarcastic, optimistic, goofy, playful.
  • Special: Hacker

Alpha Female: Winky ( Fox flames )

  • Appearance: Green, shaped like Foxy, has a tail, right eye is missing, has huge pirate hook, has lots of tatters, and endoskeleton showing in parts.
  • Personality: kind, shy, energetic, fun-loving, brave.
  • Special: Can stop some technical devices from working and can rip open heavy metal doors.

Beta: Wraith ( Mr.dippe759 )

  • Appearance: Shorter, grey, cyan eyes, black vest, red shirt, black bow tie, wears cloak when cold.
  • Personality: Smart, obsessive, secretive, acrobatic, anxious
  • Special: Insomniac, exorcist

Delta: Hib ( SwizzySwag )

  • Appearance: Gray wolf, left broken ear with a white tie.
  • Personality in five words: Outgoing, charismatic, generous, follower, bright
  • Special: Demolitionist

Pup: Radioactive ( LogicalAnalyst47 )

  • Appearance: Dark grey, lighter grey belly and lower jaw, random patches of lighter grey on body.
  • Personality: Pessimistic, cynical, hypocritical, hyper, persistent.
  • Special: Only his ability to be absurdly average.

Past Members Edit

Dunar, Dunaria, and Dunola were all once members of the pack, but got separated in a storm.

Beck the pup was separated from the pack between the events of Abandoned and Zero Regrets. He was never seen again, after someone killed him for killing someone close to that someone.

Scarlet was once a member of the pack.

Diamond feel into an abyss and is presumed dead. 

Nitro is also a previous member.

Plot Significance Edit

Active Members Edit

Charlie Edit

N/A as of yet.

Winky Edit

N/A as of yet.

Wraith Edit

N/A as of yet.

Hib Edit

N/A as of yet.

Radioactive Edit

N/A as of yet.

Past Members Edit

Dunar Edit

To be added.

Dunaria Edit

To be added.

Dunola Edit

To be added.

Beck Edit

To be added.

Scarlet Edit

To be added.

Nitro Edit

To be added.

Diamond Edit

To be added. 

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