lololololol i am a noob yay rp sucks an d is cringey hi trlorlvfsgdjbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbWere you looking for Freddy Fazbear, or perhaps Golden Freddy?

Silver Freddy is one of the main heros in Abandoned and has a very important role....  like really important...

His main roleplayer is Tom13. This page should be edited only by the admins and said roleplayer, or with explicit permission.

He was created by Fred Bearins in 1986 at a facility before he died from an unknown incident. He was built to defend the Animatronics and children, and has a secret power inside of him. 

Silver Freddy

Video Edit

I Will Not Bow-Silver Freddys theme

I Will Not Bow-Silver Freddys theme

Silver Freddy Talk 1

Silver Freddy talking in the Abandoned RPG