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Shadow Demons are the minions Zero controls at will. They aren't the best of minions as they are very predictable and sometimes very stupid. The Shadow Demons come in different forms and those forms will be listed.

History Edit

The Shadow Demons were born when Zero used his machine called "The Demon Exporter" that turned organic life into Shadow Demons. This machine doesn't work on non-organic life so it doesn't work on Metal or Robotic systems or any non-living organism

Forms of the Shadow Demons Edit

Dead Watchers- The guards of groups or areas in Zero's command.

Fallin'- Zero's escort team that sends things or bring them back, they are very helpful in getting things past enemy lines.

Destroyers- The strongest of the Shadow Demons, their weakness being their slow speed.

Zero Knights- Main line of attack and defense of Zero's team.

Hiders- Stealth team that ambushes the enemy group.

Suicide Bombers- They use bombs to kill anything that comes near them that is identified as an enemy. They do fade but they do reappear.

Gorons- Defense lines using many tactics of defensive procedures.

Grunts- The decoys for the real fighters..

Trivia Edit

  • Purple Dunola is a mix of a Destroyer and Fallin' yet being very smart and also very strong.
  • The Grunts only come out when they need to.
  • Gorons sometimes play a game called "Fire the Egg" where they put an egg on fire and throw it at a pin. If the pin lights on fire that Goron wins the round and get a star. There are 10 rounds and whoever gets the most stars wins the entire game.

Gallery Edit

1 Abandoned

Purple Dunola as in her Shadow Demon form.