Disobeying the rules of this wiki will result in immediate and harsh discipline by one of the admins.

If any of the admins disobey the rules they will be stripped of their rank.

If you disobey the rules and are a member of the roleplay you may be booted.

Evolution of Discipline

  • Offense 1: Warning
  • Offense 2: 1 day ban.
  • Offense 3: 1 week ban.
  • Offense 4: 1 month ban.
  • Offense 5: Infinite ban.

General Rules


  • Try your best to use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling whilst editing.
  • Maintain a formal tone on the articles.


  • Harass or intimidate any members of the wiki
    • This behavior includes but is not limited to: Hurtful messages, intending to hurt someone, insults, and threats.
  • Spam
    • This behavior includes but is not limited to: Repeating a message, going off-topic, and excessive use of CAPS.
  • Vandalize
    • This behavior includes but is not limited to: removing content from pages, adding gibberish, and adding untrue information.
  • Avoid bans
    • This behavior includes but is not limited to: Sock-puppeting, removing warnings, and unbanning yourself.

For Admins

  • Do not wheel-war another admin.
  • Do not alter other peoples' comments unless absolutely necessary.

Additional Points

  • Anonymous contributors who break the rules are subject to immediate bans of one month without warning.
  • More rules will be added as necessary. All are still expected to follow them, even if they are not present here.

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