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Overture is a 23 Year old female and works as Zero's spy. However she does has free roam and feels guilty of her job, the reason being she has a small crush on Nexus.

She was friends with Ashley Torrent and Purple Dunola. (Who are now dead.)

Format Edit

She started to go her own way, no longer feeling guilty, she's free, and a character is not always safe around her.

Backstory Edit

Overtue used to be called Overture, But changed to Overtue after marriage with a man called Tue. Tue died in the late 1985 and then, Overtue decided to change her name to Rydar. But she kept the name "Overtue" as her first name. In 1986 She was captured by a man named Nick, but he died when Overtue stabbed him in the head, she then ran into a Abandoned factory and met Zero, she started to work as Zeros spy till then.

-O Scary

Overtue as seen in her battle in Zero Regrets

Date of birth, And date of evil joining.... Thing. Edit

Overtue was originally named Alysia Rydar when she was first born 17th March 1968.

She was then slowly dying on February 6th 1994.

She found and joined Zero on her birthday. (This makes her no longer dying slowly) 17th March 1995 (So yes. She's a new Villan)