"What's with these monsters?!?!"

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Nadeshiko is one of the heroes in Zero Regrets.

She is a young fox animatronic who was transported from Japan to a mechanic in Franklin Mills for repairs, but


instead the mechanic took her in as his own daughter.

The man had died about two years later, and had entrusted his estate, including a large amount of money, a penthouse in an apartment, and continuous income. Nadeshiko spends this money wisely, donating to charities and buying groceries and books.

Nadeshiko loves to explore and frequently drove to the Franklin Mills Freddy Fazbear's, and this is just what she did one day to suddenly (and accidentally!) get involved with the freddy fazbear's group.

Personality Edit

Nadeshiko has a somewhat strange mix of personality. She is shy, caring, protective, adventurous, hopeful, nervous, smart, and quick.

She likes mysteries and exploration.

Importance to the development of the plot Edit

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