Reason of Absence and Abandonment Edit

I've been busy with school and home and it was really hard to balance everything at once. I decided to stop role playing and focus more on school for my benefit. So, this is Ender signing off for the last time.



History Edit

Game Guy was used in a arcade in Franklin Mills Mall. He had a programmable A.I so he could help customers pick out games and devices. He had a little animatronic puppy that he was programmed to play with. The puppy's name was Clicky and was Game Guy's best friend. They were both made by the same creator as the Season Animatronics, so when The Amputation of '90 happened, GG and Clicky were put in the back room and stayed there even after the place closed down. He felt lonley and missed the old store, but it was years later when he got to see the light of day again. And even longer for children...

Plot Twist Edit

Since GG and Clicky had been away from sight and memory for so long, they became invisible from depression and loneliness. The only was they could become visible is if they are liked or remembered. That is why GG and Clicky are super stealthy.

Appearence Edit

Game Guy-0