Artwork of Foxina and her parents.

Were you looking for Mangle/Toy Foxy or Sean The Arctic Fox?

Foxina is one of the heroes in Abandoned and doesn't play out much of a role other than being extremely cute and for some reason being a damsel in distress.

Personality Edit

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Appearance Edit

Foxina is a small, brown fox animatronic. She wears Toy Foxy's bow-tie on her left ear.

Family Edit

Relations Edit

Foxina's mother is Toy Foxy/Manged, and her father is Sean. The two have some difficulties disciplining their child.

Foxina's aunt is Mangle/Teri.

Robotic Biology Edit

Keep in mind that the biology is purely physical, and has nothing to do with the souls, and how these characters think of each other.

If one examines the time and circumstances of her construction, her biological parents are different. Mangle did most of the construction, and it was her body as well as Toy Foxy's that forms the majority of Foxina's endoskeleton, so she is the biological mother. Freddy is the biological Father, as his parts were used during construction, and Sean's were not.

Her endoskeleton comes from:

  • Head: From Mangle/Toy Foxy
  • Body: Also from Mangle/Toy Foxy
  • 1 Hand: ALSO from Mangle/Toy Foxy
  • 1 Hand: Freddy
  • 2 Arm pieces: Mangle/Toy Foxy
  • 3 Arm pieces: Freddy (one's in her leg)
  • 3 Leg pieces: Mangle/Toy Foxy

Her other parts come from:

  • Exoskeleton: Tree
  • 2 Feet: Tree (have no endoskeleton, they're solid wood.)
  • Ears: Tree
  • 1 Eye: Mangle/Toy Foxy
  • 1 Eye: Unknown

Plot Significance Edit

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Video Edit

Dear My Friend-Foxina Foxx's theme

Dear My Friend-Foxina Foxx's theme