Diamond was a member of The Wolf Pack, and was played by PopRox6012.

Diamond is the adult in the Wolf Pack, and has a lot of skill in repairs.  She had a special ability to see images of
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the future, but they were hard to communicate and usually when the message got across it was too late.

Abandoned Edit

Diamond did  not have a large role in Abandoned. She had very terrible social skills and didn't talk much. 

She angered Sean the Arctic Fox by tearing up his foxy plush.  She wasn't any real significance to the plot in abandoned. 

Zero Regrets Edit

Diamond had a bit of a larger role, becoming a better repair wolf, as well as being able to communicate better,  allowing her to use her ability. She fought Gamer Guy, possessed by Volt. Mr.Carter had taken her captive to get her to join them, trying by telling her that she would not be ignored if she joined with them. Diamond knew what was happening, and understood why people had ignored her before, therefore telling them off, causing a possible outrage on Carter, who then held her over the edge of an abyss.

Scoops the Seal had tried to save her, but failed, diamond's last words being "tell everyone. T-tell them that zero will be powerful, but they can b-beat him. Tell the I-," before falling into the abyss and is now presumed dead.

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Importance to the Development of the plot Edit