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David is one of the villains in the Abandoned RP and is sinister in a way of helping his master. 
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David as seen when he first met our heroes

Teri and David Sketch

A sketch of Teri and David together.


David was a lawyer in 1982 and was very good at his job. David had tons of clients and many of his cases ended in victories, with only a minority of the cases being losses. During a case he had on November 12th, 1982 he finished but upon leaving the room encountered a man who looked like his father. (His father died in 1979 from tuberculosis and a heart attack.) The man taunted him and said "Come over here David."  David walked away but the man grabbed David and knocked him out. Later, David woke up in a strange cell with a figure in front of him. It was a Fallin' stood there and looked to his right. Zero came up and opened the cell door pulling David out.

David was forced to follow zero or he would be killed.... Zero put David in a strange pod and closed it. David couldn't get out of the pod nor even move. A strange purple gas filled the pod and David started coughing furiously while he breathed in the gases.

After David absorbed the gases and transformed into some type of goblin creature. David looked at himself and was terrified of what he had become. He walked out the pod, Zero looking at him saying "People wont accept you like that... Because if someone saw you they would freak out! You're a monster like me... And I think you may be useful. Humans? PFFT! They're just trouble... But things like us? We are power! WE CAN DO MANY THINGS!" Zero then brought David to a chamber with a pod containing a human. It was David's

Father. Zero looked at David and said "I know you're father died. He was shot in the head by a man! And that man was human! You see? You as a lawyer just shows humans are trouble, David! So tell me? will you help me get rid of all the humans or... do you wish to die?" In a term of suggestion David said he would help. David then was sent on a mission to find a girl named Ashley Torrent.

In 1985, his voice box was gouged out by Ashley Torrent when he, and her met at the Factory.

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Awoken-David's theme (Abandoned 2)

Awoken-David's theme (Abandoned 2)