There are many important crystals in both Abandoned and Zero Regrets.

Crystal's (Abandoned) Edit

In Abandoned the crystals are important due to being created in FredBears Family Diner to prevent something horrible happening. Howveer, after they were destroyed by Zero in 1986 terrible things were happening to the Freddy Fazbears Pizza west division having The Bite of 87' occur and also the missing children incedent.

The crystals were split into 3 peices then being re-connected by our heroes later on in Abandoned.

Shattered Crystal (Zero Regrets) Edit

In Abandoned 2: Zero Rregrets the crystal has been shattered across the land Abandoned 2 takes place in. The crystal fragments are then searched for by our heroes with a representation found here:

Golden Freddy In Destroyed train station

Golden Freddy trying to find a piece of the shattered crystal

Trivia Edit

  • The crystals are purple in design being shaped like a 3d and more sharpen rhombus.
  • Mangle actually was locked inside of Toy Foxy with one of the crystal fragments. This represents one of the many capabilities that the crystals have.
  • The shattered Crystal fragments are all the same color.