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Adam Fazbear (The original owner of Cole)'s drawing of Cole 1.0.

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His main roleplayer was Adam Fazbear. This page should be edited only by the admins and said roleplayer, or with explicit permission.

Cole  was one of the heroes in Abandoned and had an (unless you asked Mangle/Teri) insignificant role in the amazing (yet awkward and dark) adventure!


Cole (up until part [unkown, possible part 28?]) was a black panther with blue dungerees, black boots and yellow eyes. He had a red toolbox and a coal shovel, as well. After [unkown, possibly part 28?], he was a broken, poorly made stress doll made by himself, as his soul was bonded into the doll by Evil Cole. 


All the way through Abandoned, Cole's personality was the same. He had good intentions, but was awkward and clumsy, as seen when he walked into the room where Foxina was being built, unaware that she was nude, so Sean pulled him out. He really liked to be around Mangle/Teri, even if she was a bit strict. His soul is that of a five-year old boy named Kyle Jefferies. 

Abandoned - Zero Regrets Edit

In the time between Abandoned, and Zero Regrets' events, Cole met an untimely demise at the hands of the smallest member of The Wolf Pack: Beck. Beck was very attached to Cole; that is, he thought he was a chew toy. You can guess how Cole died.