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Carter Simmons
The first teaser of Carter Simmons
Vital statistics
Position Chaotic Neutral
Age Unknown
Status Shadow Demon/Mr.Helpful Hybrid
Physical attributes
Height 5.9 ft.
Weight 56kg

Carter Simmons was a worker at Fredbear's Family diner, along with The Purple Man. The Purple Man blackmailed him into killing two kids, and to test his new substance, he mixed his drink with The Substance. The drink was a deadly poison. He died two miniutes after that. Since then, he has become a Shadow Demon. He was the head scout. On a mission, he was forced to activate his form change, that he only ever was allowed to use once, to save his life. He began to transform, into a green, corrupted Mangle. He was attacked by the parasite animatronic endoskeleton Mr.Helpful, who is haunted by The Purple Man's son. This caused him to activate the form change. Mr.Helpful fused with his new form, causing them to be known as "Mr.Carter"

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Sonic CD Sonic Boom (Crush 40) with Lyrics

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