"Where did it go?"
This roleplay is inactive, the original Abandoned creator and the prequel creator will fill in the stories here.

Were you looking for Zero Regrets or Abandoned?

Abandoned prequel: FredBears Family Diner origins is the official prequel to Abandoned and made certain characters appear in abandoned. The roleplay shows events leading up to Abandoned and gives it off in a strange fashion.


During the years of FredBears Family Diner many mishaps occurred and strange events. Chaos began to happen when the first model of FredBear was replaced by the Second Model later causing the first one to become corrupt and sinister. It was then our villain started growing an army to rule the world creating a plan that would work well and made sense. Destruction began to happen once FredBears Family Diner closed and Zero (our villain) killed Fred Bearins and then dispersed. This leads up to the events in Abandoned...

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