This is a planned project for Abandoned. It will most likely not be completed until after Abandoned has run its course. If any members of the roleplay would be willing to help with the production of this game, that would be excellent. If you would like to help out, comment below saying that you would.

This article is for any ideas or features that are confirmed to be in the game. Suggestions should be left in the comments, and must be approved by the previous roleplay leader before being added.

Background Images

Info is to be added soon.


Info is to be added soon.

Character Sprites

Info is to be added soon.

Talk Sprites


Toy Foxy




Golden Freddy

Silver Freddy

Purple Dunola


Info is to be added soon.


Info is to be added soon.


Decided Music

The title screen music for the RPG (Has changed)


The theme that plays in the forest

Forest theme

The theme that plays when a main character is dying in the storyline

Death Scenes

The theme that plays in the caves

Cave Theme

The theme that plays in a storm

Storm Theme

The theme that plays during chase segments


The theme that plays on Fire Mountain

Ambiance 1

The theme that plays during the cut-scene that shows Overtue's entrance

Enter Darkness

The "Game Over" theme.

Game Over

Undecided Music

Titled Wait


Titled Hopeless Defeat

Hopeless Defeat

Titled Left to Rot

Left to Rot


A rough sketch of the RPG title screen. This is only an idea, and opinions in the comments would be appreciated.

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